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Fine antique map of SyriaFine antique map of Syria
Tallis antique map circa 1853
Amaryllis Lutea c1787Amaryllis Lutea c1787
William Curtis copperplate engraving
Variegated Iris c1787Variegated Iris c1787
Willliam Curtis copper engraving
Spring Crocus c1795Spring Crocus c1795
William Curtis copper engraving

     Welcome to Antique Print Club... We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.  
Interesting rare and decorative Antique Maps and Prints, Heritage Editions reproductions prints and maps, and books... from $5 to $5,000.  Please email for assistance or for Gift Vouchers: 

   Over 100 items from this website are included in antique map and antique print sections of the Handbook & Price Guide for Antiques, Collectables & Retro.  Collecting on a Shoestring  includes antique items of all descriptions, but grouped by value. Both are fascinating and well-illustrated - and available from this website or from Brisbane Antique Emporium.

   The summer Antiques & Collectables magazine is now at newsagents in Australia.  Papyrus, Parchment, Paper & Prints tells of the origin of antique maps and antique prints, and the
development of more durable printing methods as the demand for information grew. 

   Printing styles of previous centuries are illustrated here: a 16thC woodblock from Gerarde's Herball  c1597 describes Fungi and Truffles as "unprofitable and nothing worth" (Botany - Fruit,Nuts,Fungi);
a 17thC engraving 
of Turkish Agiamoglans (Bowmen, to you or me) from Mallet's Art of War c1684 
(from Military - Army/Navy); an 18thC copperplate-engraved map of Naples & Sicily by Robert Wilkinson c1794 (Antique Maps - Europe/Italy); 19thC steel engraving of Bartlett's Brighton
 (England) c1837 (Historic Views - UK/Ireland), John Gould lithograph of Orange-legged Hobby c1862 (Birds - John Gould lithographs) and The Illustrated London News wood engraving of Australian copper-smelting works near Newcastle c1854 (Historic Views & People - Australian Views - Australian History/Geography); & a 20thC French fashion pochoir c1923, The Blue Room of Arthenice (Fashion). Different printing methods were also used together. Visit our Library & Blogs.

   Our most frequent enquiry is an item's value. As well as its importance to the owner, the value of artwork depends on quality, rarity and condition. Paper is easily damaged and antique maps and
prints are no exception. They survived hundreds of years already, so handle carefully.

    Protect all your artwork from deterioration by framing with U/V glass and other conservation materials. Heritage Editions prints and other decorator art reproductions should be framed with conservation materials if you want them to continue to look as good as when you bought them as many modern inks fade quite quickly.

We have thousands more items, so if we can help you find something special
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