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Fine antique map of SyriaFine antique map of Syria
Tallis antique map circa 1853

Are you on top of Christmas preparations? Organized family get-togethers... Catering... Presents...?

If you need help with choosing something special for presents this Christmas, choose from our interesting, decorative and rare antique maps and antique prints. Priced from $6 to $6,000!  If you need inspiration or assistance please phone or email Kathryn (as below).

All deliveries within Australia that are ordered by this Friday 14th December will be sent Overnight Express for the same shipment price to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas. (Normal Australia Post delivery time to Western Australia is currently 3 weeks!)

  Over 100 items from this website are included in antique map and antique print sections of the Handbook & Price Guide for Antique, Collectables & Retro.  Collecting on a Shoestring summarizes antique items of all descriptions, grouped in price ranges. Both books are well-illustrated and historically interesting...

  The summer Antiques & Collectables magazine should be at your local newsagent now.  My article Papyrus, Parchment, Paper & Prints summarizes the origin of 'antique prints' and 'antique maps' and the development of more durable printing methods as the audience for knowledge grew. (On the right) 16th century woodcuts/woodblocks from Gerarde's Herball described Fungi and Truffles as "unprofitable and nothing worth"! 
  Trends in antique print and map subjects for artwork, previously were influenced from Europe. Now they are mostly prompted from North America - often from artwork seen in movie sets and TV shows. Antique maps are perennial favourites. I guess they remind us of links to our past - not only history, but family connections and special places visited.

   My favourite subjects have always been natural history, antique maps, and charming  hand-coloured French fashion stencils for Gazette du Bon Ton (Journal of Good Style) c1912-1925. This exclusive magazine introduced the latest fashions. Each magazine had its illustrations drawn and then watercoloured by hand. Since first published they have been known as 'pochoirs' in recognition of the finesse of specialist French fashion artists who cut a separate stencil for each successive application of watercolour. The artists skilfully show the subtle detail of the fabrics, and how and where the fashions should be worn. This website has 60 lovely fashion pochoirs to choose from. Framed and hanging on the wall they give great pleasure with their portrayal of elegantly dressed ladies. Humorous captions below, often add to their enjoyment.

 The most frequestly asked question is an item's value. As well as its importance to the owner, the value of artwork depends on rarity, quality and condition. Paper is damaged by careless handling. Antique maps and prints are no exception. Having survived hundreds of years already, take care of them. Protect all your artwork from general deterioration and fading, by framing with conservation materials, including U/V-protective glass. Heritage Editions reproduction prints and other decorator art reproductions should be framed with conservation materials also, as many modern inks fade more quickly than early colour.
If you would like to learn more about antique prints and maps, read our website Blogs and Library.

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