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Fine antique map of SyriaFine antique map of Syria
Tallis antique map circa 1853
Amaryllis Lutea c1787Amaryllis Lutea c1787
William Curtis copperplate engraving
Variegated Iris c1787Variegated Iris c1787
Willliam Curtis copper engraving
Spring Crocus c1795Spring Crocus c1795
William Curtis copper engraving

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Interesting, rare, decorative Antique Maps and Antique Prints, as well as Heritage Editions inexpensive reproductions printed from early maps and prints... and Books. 
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Brisbane Antique Emporium in Clayfield closed. Antique Print Club is 1 hour south of Brisbane in Neranwood off Springbrook Road behind the Gold Coast. To arrange a visit, or for information on promotions and exhibitions please email

Interesting articles on antique prints and maps are in the Australian quarterly magazine Antiques & Collectables magazine - or if you can't wait for the next publication to arrive at the newsagent, website Library and Blogs. Antique maps & prints are a wonderful record of our past, with contemporary views of  worldwide history, geography, architecture, customs and fashions. As populations increased so did the thirst for knowledge. Cheaper, quicker, more durable printing methods were inventedDifferent styles of antique print-making were often combined in a print to enable finer detail; ie for portraits. 

Examples of antique print styles: 16thC woodblock from Gerarde's Herball c1597 Poyfonous Mufhrums Poisonous Mushrooms (Antique Prints-Botany-Fungi) 17thC copperplate engraving of Solomon Islands c1684 from Alain Manesson Mallet's Description de l'Univers (the first 'modern' book of geography) (Antique Maps-Australia/NZ/PNG).    Early 18thC Jesuit copperplate-engraved map of Asia c1710 by Heinrich Scherer (Antique Maps-Asia). Late 18thC hand-coloured copperplate engraved map of England and Wales c1794 by Robert Wilkinson (Antique Maps-UK/Ireland). Early 19thC steel engraving c1810 of Henry Moses Classical Vase. Late 19thC John Gould hand-coloured lithograph of Melampitta Lugubris (Ground Thrush/Pitta) c1880 from Birds of New Guinea and the Adjacent Papuan Islands, including many new species recently discovered in Australia (Antique Prints-Birds: John Gould lithographs). 20thC French fashion pochoir (stencil) Is Monsieur Home Yet? by Benito for La Gazette du Bon Ton (Antique Prints-Fashion).

   Our most frequent enquiry is an item's value. As well as its importance to the owner, the value of artwork depends on quality, condition, rarity and demand. An item sold at auction for example, can be 'passed in' (unsold because no one present is interested in bidding) - or it can fetch a record price when more than one person is particularly keen to buy. 

    Paper is easily damaged. Antique maps and prints are no exception. If handled with care they can survive another hundred yearsFrame your artwork with protective conservation materials, and be aware that U/V protective glass is now available. Heritage Editions and other decorator art reproductions will remain as good as when bought, if framed correctly.

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