Currency Exchange
Fine antique map of SyriaFine antique map of Syria
Tallis antique map circa 1853
Amaryllis Lutea c1787Amaryllis Lutea c1787
William Curtis copperplate engraving
Variegated Iris c1787Variegated Iris c1787
Willliam Curtis copper engraving
Spring Crocus c1795Spring Crocus c1795
William Curtis copper engraving

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 Antique maps & prints are wonderful images of our past. As populations grew over the years, quicker, more durable printing methods evolved. Antique prints and maps were often created by more than one printing processs for one printing plate - particularly for portraits. For more information on the artistry involved in making antique prints and maps, visit our website Library and Blogs.

We often receive enquiries as to an item's value. As with all commodities antique prices fluctuate. As well as its importance to the owner, value of artwork depends on quality, condition and rarity. Items sold at auction for example, can be 'passed in' (unsold if no one present is interested in bidding) or can fetch a record price if more than one person is keen to buy.

Antique maps and prints are paper-based and can be easily damaged.  Handled with care, fine antique engravings and lithographs can survive another hundred years. Look after your artwork by framing it with protective conservation materials so that impurities do not 'bleed' into the artwork. U/V protective glass also helps preserve both the material and the colour. If framed with conservation materials, the colours of modern printing inks can also be preserved.

The current Antiques and Collectables magazine has an Antique Print Club feature on William Dampier, the first British visitor to Australian - & his discoveries. The next Antiques & Collectables magazine, at newsagents from 6th March, will have a feature on John Gerrard Keulemans' inimitable hand-coloured lithographs of birds.