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Fine antique map of SyriaFine antique map of Syria
Tallis antique map circa 1853
Amaryllis Lutea c1787Amaryllis Lutea c1787
William Curtis copperplate engraving
Spring Crocus c1795Spring Crocus c1795
William Curtis copper engraving
Variegated Iris c1787Variegated Iris c1787
Willliam Curtis copper engraving

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Shop safely online with Antique Maps and Antique Prints combine discoveries, history, science and art. If you are interested in classic illustrations as artwork but are not interested in genuine antique items, look under the Heritage Editions and Decorator Art categories. Try different words in the Search box to find what interests you. To look at pages of images, just select the Category titles below the headings across the top of this Home Page.

Antique maps & prints are wonderful images of our past. Over the years, as populations grew, quicker printing methods evolved. Antique prints and maps were often created by using more than one printing process for one printing plate - particularly for portraits. For more information on the making of antique prints and maps, visit our website Library and Blogs.

We sometimes receive enquiries as to an item's value. As with all commodities, antique prices fluctuate. Value of artwork depends on quality, condition and rarity. When selling at auction an item can be 'passed in' (unsold if no one makes a bid) or it can realize a record price if more than one person is keen to buy.

By definition antique items are over 100 years old - but are sometimes 400 years old. Antique maps and prints are paper-based and easily damaged. We aim to sell items in good condition. If condition is not important to you, there are half-price sections below antique maps and antique prints category headings. Handled with care, antique engravings and antique lithographs can survive for hundreds more years.

All artwork can be protected by framing with conservation materials so that impurities from framing materials do not 'bleed' into the artwork over time. U/V (ultra-violet) protective glass preserves the material and the colour. Framing with conservation materials also preserves the colours of modern printing inks.

In Australia the current Antiques and Collectables magazine has an Antique Print Club feature on the exceptional hand-coloured bird lithographs of John Gerrard Keulemans - usually signed JGK. Check out our Blog. Keulemans' lithographs have been temporarily moved to the top of each section of birds. Of the 600 bird lithographs forThe Birds of Australia, only 163 were done by Keulemans - until he was too ill to continue. (Butterflies is the subject in next Antiques and Collectables magazine - with newsagents early June.)

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