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Welcome to .. selling antique prints and maps for over 40 years.

Antique Maps and Prints are over 100 years old... many are much older. Our items are in good condition unless described otherwise. 
With over 5,000 antique prints and maps on this website - from 1597 to 1920, large and small, conventional and unusual - thousands more are being listed, so if you are looking for something in particular please get in touch (contact information below). 

Antiques to Vintage magazine (previously Antiques and Collectables) is now at newsagents in Australia. For summer we feature Antique Prints for Children and the Young at Heart - so why not enjoy them while you are on our website!

Rare small Australian engravings of some of the earliest discoveries of Australian flora (and insects) are the latest additions to our website.

Also on this site we offer Heritage Prints - inexpensive reproductions from early maps and prints that are too rare to be readily available or are not generally affordable as original antique items. Heritage Editions became an important part of our business in our Los Angeles gallery, where commercial enterprises use large quantities of images. These inexpensive maps and prints are classic style artwork that suit large modern developments as well as personal traditional projects. They are now available from 

With only one of each available, Decorator Art reproduction prints and maps are a separate category from Heritage Prints (although a few individual hand-coloured Heritage Prints and Maps can be found under Decorator Art.)

To have more time for antique prints and maps, the reproduction part of our business is being sold. No specialist knowledge is required to sell - just appreciation of classic style reproductions of early maps and prints - and time to package and ship them. A great opportunity for someone artistic - particularly if interested in picture framing! (Framing equipment and fittings are also for sale.) 

We hope you enjoy your visits to our website. We guarantee you can shop securely here.

For assistance - or a Gift Certificate for someone else to choose - Email or Phone +61 (0)412 442 283
Gift Certificates are transferable but must be used within 3 months.