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American Indian Treasures. Scalps, Human Skin, Bones, Ornaments, c1882.

American Indian Treasures. Scalps, Human Skin, Bones, Ornaments, c1882.

by Dodge, Richard Irving

Antique print of Objects of Interest and Curiosity - including Medicine Rattle, Scalping Knife, Human Finger-joint Necklace, Human Skin Belt.

(Scalps of Indians and White People. Ornaments made of Human Skin and Bones, etcetera.)
1. Kiowa Medicine Rattle. 2. Sheath of Scalping Knife (Sioux). 3. Sheath of Scalping Knife (Cheyenne). 4. Scalping Knives. 5. Scalps of Two White Men., arranged on a Wand for the Scalp Dance. 6. Scalp of a Sioux Indian. Elaborately ornamented with feathers and beads. 7. Scalp of a Sioux Indian, taken entire. 8. Scalp of a Sioux Indian, taken from the Comanches. The little girl was about nine years old. 9. Ute Match Safe, Beaded. 10 Ute Needle Case, Beaded. 11 Ute Necklace, with “Medicine”. Made of shells from the Gulf of California, passed in barter from tribe to tribe. 12. Cheyenne Squaw’s Gambling Implement. Made of the bones of a bear’s foot. 13 Northern Cheyenne Necklace. Made of the first joints of human fingers. 14. Gambling Bones, and Beaded Case. 15. Belt made of Human Skin. This was taken from a Tonkaway Indian, who had made it from the skin of a Comanche.

Photographed and painted from the original objects expressly for this work. Plate VI of Our Wild Indians: Thirty-three Years Personal Experience among the Red Men of the Great West – A Popular account of their social life, religion, habits, traits, customs, exploits, etc. with Thrilling Adventures and Experiences on the Great Plains and in the Mountains of our Wide Frontier by Colonel Richard Irving Dodge (1827-1918), United States Army. Aid-de-camp to General Sherman.

Small colour-printed lithograph published in 1883 by A.D. Worthington, Hartford, Connecticut.

Image, 19 x 11.5 cm  (7 ½ x 4 ½ inches). Page, 22 x 14 cm (8 ¾ x 5 5/8 inches)

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