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Isles de Salomon, Nouvelle Zelande. Solomon Islands, c1683.

Isles de Salomon, Nouvelle Zelande. Solomon Islands, c1683.

by Mallet, Allain Manesson

Des Terres Australes. (Southern Lands). Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal - with west coast of New Zealand (as named, - actually east coast of New Britain), surrounded by Mer Pacifique (Pacific Ocean) with sailing ships. Mallet, c1683. The Dutch East Indies Company cartographer in Amsterdam subsequently renamed this landmass north of Australia, as it was around the around the same time that Tasman had also given the name of Nouvelle Zelande to part of the coastline that he charted west of Van Diemen's Land. This map is deemed more collectable for the aberration of the naming of New Zealand.

Original copperplate-engraved map (Figure 111) by Alain Manesson Mallet (1630-1706), published circa 1683 in Paris “by Royal privilege”, for the first ‘modern’ book of geography Description de l’Univers (Description of the Universe). This wonderful map shows the lack of knowledge of Torres Straits in the 17th century.

Alain Manesson Mallet (1630-1706) studied mathematics and geometry at the College of Burgundy, under the military engineer, Philippe Mallet (1606-1679). He then joined the army and rose to the rank of sargento-mor (equivalent to commander) of artillery and inspector of fortifications under Marshal Schomberg. He greatly assisted with improvement of Portugal's fortifications, and after Louis XIV forced the Spanish to end the war and sign the Treaty of Independence of Portugal in 1668, Mallet returned to France. He was appointed mathematics teacher of the pages of the King in Little Stable, Versaille (reserved for the sons of the noble families whose antiquity dated back to 1550 or earlier). As master of mathematics, Mallet had time to write.

In 1671 Mallet's first publication was on military science and the art of siege warfare. It was so successful that it was translated into German the following year. In 1684 Mallet updated his work and published Travaux de Mars, ou l'art de War (Work of Mars, or the Art of War), featuring his proposals for fortifications.

This map is in fine condition. To intaglio impression measures 150 x 105mm (6.78 x 4.1/8 inches). Page size is 210 x 130mm (8.1/4 x 5.1/8 inches).

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