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Fascinating Antique Maps

ANTIQUE MAPS from 100 to 400 years old...

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We have a great selection of maps and charts of the world - of most countries from most centuries... showing earlier beliefs of land formations, charting of exploration and discoveries, and, later, redivision of land into countries following wars, and division of countries into regions as populations grew.

For many centuries navigation of our oceans could only be done by examining a map, a compass rose, and the stars in the sky. Theories of celestial beings have changed over the centuries and sextants and various other instruments have been progressively introduced for further navigational assistance. Around the world today most people rely on radio navigation between satellites and their ground stations with global positioning system (GPS). And, as long as there have not been too many changes to road systems, it is usually successful - if uninspiring and less challenging than previous travel used to be. 

Antique maps are usually engravings and lithographs that were printed to circulate information throughout the world. Antique Prints cover most subjects within the countries. If you are interested in a particular subject let us know and we will check our enormous inventry to see what we can find. Only a small percentage of our antique maps and prints have been scanned and listed on our Antique Print club website. So please, just email us...

Today we can easily see that some earlier maps were inaccurate - and are more interesting because of this - but when they were published they were usually the most up-to-date belief or information on each region. Of course, being familiar with the cartography of different mapmakers it is not surprising in many instances. After all, the French even had a 'school' of theoretical mapmakers.

Having been antique map and print dealers for more than 35 years, we have many thousands of antique prints and maps in stock. We are not as healthy as we used to be, but are always adding more items to our website. If you would like to be on our mailing list for updates, please provide your email address to 

You can purchase securely online 24/7 from this Antique Print Club website - or visit our Antique Print Clubhouse at Neranwood: Email or phone 0412 442 283.

We hope you enjoy our Blogs. For more information on the intricacies of antique maps and prints, you might like to visit our website Library

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