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Costumes Parisiens small pochoirs c1912-14

The delightful beautifully hand-coloured fashion stencils from 1912 to 1914 introduced elegant fashions of the wealthy in Paris. Fashions continuously change, and often return with variations on a theme. These delicate hand-coloured pochoirs from the short period of the exclusive fashion periodical, Costumes Parisiens, show great attention to fabric and drape, and represent both fun and elegance during the period when fashion began to show more freedom in following female form.

Hundreds of years ago Paris established itself as the location of the finest fashion houses, and talented artists were employed to introduce designers' fashions to the public. The Musée des Artes Decoratifs at the Louvre in Paris displays elegant illustrations by eminent fashion artists as well as actual costumes from previous times. These illustrations are some of the original hand-coloured fashion pochoirs available from our website.


The first luxury periodical that used the pochoir method of illustration was Journal des Dames et des Modes – Costumes Parisiens, published from 1912 to 1914. These small individually hand-coloured stencils are rarely seen. Couturier Paul Poiret employed the finest fashion artists, who created only 180 different images over the two year period. Each image for each magazine required several different stencils for successive layers of gouache by hand. Fashion notes and poetry were included in the periodical, but the charming fashion illustrations were usually removed for greater enjoyment.

300-Cost-Paris-43-MorningOutfit.jpgUmberto Brunelleschii was a fashion illustrator as well as a designer; as was George Barbier who made his debut as a designer during the few years of this publication. Charming pochoir illustrations were also contributed by Armand Vallée, Roger Broders, Etienne Drian, and other fine artists. Costumes Parisiens usually showed designers' fashions in appropriate settings, exemplifying elegant behaviour and privileged lifestyle, and capturing the spirit of the era when they were painted.

These delightful pochoir (hand-coloured stencil) illustrations of fashion are treasured by all age groups - particularly when framed on the wall. A wonderful selection is available from Antique Print Club online 24/7 from -Fashion-Pochoir - or from Brisbane Antique Emporium at 794 Sandgate Road Clayfield (entrance off Junction Rd) - open daily from 10am to 5pm. Please email us at or
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