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Robert Dixon Limited Edition Moreton Bay reproduction map (c1842).

Robert Dixon Limited Edition Moreton Bay reproduction map (c1842).

by Dixon, Robert

This Map of Moreton Bay Compiled From Authentic Surveys And Containing All The Latest Discoveries made by exploring parties Is Most Respectfully Dedicated to His Grace the Duke of Cleveland By His Most Obedient Servant Robert Dixon. 1842. Rare Limited Edition reproduction from a lithograph by Liley of a map drawn by Robert Dixon (1800-1858), originally published in 1842.

Dixon was appointed surveyor in the Surveyor-General’s Department under Lieutenant John Oxley. After moving from Sydney to Moreton Bay in 1839, Dixon did a trigonometrical survey of Moreton Bay for the Government to facilitate free settlement. Dixon published this map of Moreton Bay in 1842 in England (without permission), and Moreton Bay was opened to free settlement soon after.

In 1826 Dixon had joined Major Thomas Mitchell and Major Edmund Lockyer in their unsuccessful attempt to survey Grose Valley near Mt Victoria. Dixon’s later survey trips through the Blue Mountains allowed Mitchell to establish a new road to Bathurst in 1829. After spending 10 years surveying New South Wales, Dixon applied for leave to go to England ‘on urgent private business’. In London in 1837 he published an unauthorized map of Australia from his compilation of official surveys and documents. On Dixon’s return to Sydney the following year he was refused reinstatement by Mitchell.

In 1840 he was appointed surveyor in charge of the Moreton Bay district, but was suspended following an altercation with the commander of the penal establishment after his convict servant had been arrested. The Lieutenant was relieved of his appointment as magistrate and the charges against Dixon were dropped, but he was not reinstated. Finding little work available Dixon returned to England in 1846. He returned to Australia in 1852, died in Sydney in 1858, and was survived by his wife and three of their six children.

Size: 91 x 71cm (36 x 28 inches).

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