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Framed small shells print. Little conservation-framed Shells.

Framed small shells print. Little conservation-framed Shells.

by Gualtieri, Niccolo

Framed Heritage Editions shells print. One of a set of five small colourful shell prints.

Reproduction print from an antique hand-coloured copperplate engravings by Pietro Antonio Pazzi, Teresa Mogalli, and Bernardo Sansone Sgrilli, after the drawings by painter, draughtsman and engraver Giuseppe Menabuoni, and painter and engraver Giovanni Dominico Campiglia, for the 18th century treatise on shells in the collection of Niccolo Gualtieri, Index Testarum Conchyliorum, published in Florence circa 1742. The small Heritage Editions reproduction prints from this wonderful series are available in the Heritage Editions/Marine Life section of this website.

We have framed this one with conservation qualilty mount and a ridged, flat black frame. It is a very striking effect with this pretty little print of shells. The size of the print is 13 x 19cm (5 x 7.5 inches). External frame measurement is 28 x 33 cm (11 x 13 inches).

Local pick-up is preferred. (If shipment is required, please email as shipment cost will vary depending on destination.)

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