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The Derby Race Day. Carriages and entertainment print.

The Derby Race Day. Carriages and entertainment print.

by Frith, W.P.

The Derby Day from an 1859 painting by W.P. Frith. Always popular, Derby Day in the 19th century included picnics, country fair and public riot. Often painted, William Frith illustrates the Victorian scene well. The royal box jutts out in front of the grandstand in the distance, three race horses approach the race start, and two more with horses and jockeys are in the crowd on the right.

In the foreground, a gypsy troupe performs. A young performer is more interested in the picnic than in earning cash. Two gypsy girls scrounge for pennies and one has climbed on to the smart coach in the centre. Pickpockets and thieves are everywhere. Under the carriage at the right, a resourceful boy is about to grab an unopened bottle of champagne, and two gentlemen in front of the central carriage are being relieved of a gold watch and having their pockets emptied.

A desolate young man, relieved of his watch and all but his clothes by a shell game expert, stands in front of the Royal Reform club tent against the evils of gambling. Others waiting to play have money ready in their hands, and a young farmer ignores his wife’s pleas to come away. A bewildered player scratches his head at a card game, and a tipster is hawking his latest line on the great race.

Vintage coaching print with slight age-discolouration and foxing, 380 x 510mm (13 1/2 x 20 inches). Image: 210 x 468mm (8 1/4 x 18 3/8 inches).

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