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English Coaching print: Small Country Inn departure.

English Coaching print: Small Country Inn departure. "All right".

by Cooper Henderson, C.

19th century Coaching scene from an engraving by J. Harris after the painting by C. Cooper Henderson. The original print published in 1842 by Messrs. Fores measured 19 x 27 inches.

Onlookers and helpers watch at a small country inn where horses had been changed and the tired horses stand in the background. The coachman and guard confirm readiness for departure. The mail coach has the royal arms on the doors. Climbing to his seat behind, the guard wears his Post Office uniform, with the satchel containing the time-piece he has just consulted to confirm they are leaving on time. The ostlers, or horse-carers, are at the horses’ heads, about to pull off their quarter-cloths as the horses start to move.

As the wheelers start the coach moving, the leading horses seem to be giving a little trouble, as the off-side leader is ‘jibbing’, which sometimes frightened the passengers. As the working life of a horse was only three years, they had to be bought cheaply. Most of them were discarded horses sold off from private stables, but in coaching they usually learned to behave under the experienced handling of the coachmen, who checked the harnessing by the ostlers, and tipped them to encourage good service. He also checked the horses’ shoes, and a shoeing smith stands by with his tool box slung over his shoulder.

Vintage coaching print with slight age-discolouration and foxing. 51 x 38cm (20 x 15 inches). Image approximately 31 x 47cm (12 1/4 x 18 1/2 inches).

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