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Greek-named Bird-winged Butterfles by Martinet for. Panckouke

Greek-named Bird-winged Butterfles by Martinet for. Panckouke

by Panckouke, Charles-Joseph

Ancient Greek named birdwing Butterflies. Hand-coloured Butterfly print.

Histoire Naturelle, Insectes. Natural History Insects. Reproduction print engraved by Scattaglia from an engraving by Benard, prolific Parisian engraver, Jacques Renaud Bénard (1731-1794),  from a drawing and engraver, François-Nicolas Martinet (1731-1800). First published in Paris between 1791 and 1823 for Charles-Joseph Panckouke's Tableau encyclopedique et methodique des trios regnes de la nature, (Encyclopedia and Methodology of the three Kingdoms of Nature)... referring to the division of nature into the three kingdoms of animals, vegetables and minerals, as classification of all living organisms by the great Swedish naturalist, Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) in his Imperium Naturae (Empire of Nature), published in 1758.

Image size is approximately 30cm x 20cm (12 x 8 inches), printed on cream paper with darker background to image. (Slight creasing of page edges)

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