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Beautiful 16thC Equestrian design by Dietterlin. Claesen engraving c1862.

Beautiful 16thC Equestrian design by Dietterlin. Claesen engraving c1862.

by Claesen, Charles/Dietterlin

Dietterlin hunting lodge wall design with equestrian motifs. Claesen, c1862 (superb later gouache colour).

Elegant and spectacular architectural design by Strasbourg architect-artist Wendel Dietterlin the Elder (1550-1599) for Le Livre de l'Architecture. Recueil de Planches donnant la division, symétrie et proportion des cinq ordres, appliques à tous les travaux d'arts qui en dépendent tels que fenêtres, cheminées, chambranles, portails, fontaines et tombeaux..  Dietterlin’s treatise comprised designs for wall and ceiling panels, cornices, doors,windows and all sorts of architectural ornaments. Published in Nuremberg circa 1598-1599 Dietterlin's ideas and design had considerable influence on architects and builders in Northern Europe through the 17th and 18th centuries.

This engraving is from a later edition of Dietterlin's Nürnberg Book of Architecture, published in Liège by Charles Claesen. Printed on thick paper with an ivory-coloured background, each engraving was superbly engraved, and published circa 1862 - with superb, fine later hand-colour with gouache and watercolour.

Page size is 420 x 300mm (16.5 x 11.5 inches). 390 x 203mm (15.25 x 8 inches approximately) to coloured background edge of image.

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