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The Laughing Audience by William Hogarth. Engraving c1880.

The Laughing Audience by William Hogarth. Engraving c1880.

by Hogarth, William

William Hogarth antique print of The Laughing Audience.

The Laughing Audience. A Fac-simile of Hogarth's own Engraving (Designed by Wm Hogarth). Facsimile of the etching c1733 by William Hogarth (1697-1764). This engraving (with page of accompanying text) were published in London for "Hogarth's Works" c1880 to illustrate the better known Hogarth illustrations.

William Hogarth (1721-1764) was an English painter and printmaker whose satirical engravings commented on English society in the 18th century. The life and work of Hogarth were equally unconventional. His mother was a shopkeeper. His father was a schoolmaster and publisher who had chronic financial problems, and even spent time in debtors’ prison. William’s outlook on life was no doubt affected by his life experiences.

Hogarth began an apprenticeship with a silversmith in 1714, but did not complete the training. He then became an independent engraver of copperplates. His early commissions were for cards, book illustrations and single prints. In 1720, he registered at the John Vanderbank Art Academy. Around 1726, he was taught painting by James Thornhill whose daughter he later married. He earned some reputation for theatre decoration paintings.

The page size is 270 x 200mm (10.5/8 x 7.7/8 inches). Print size is 180 x 157mm (approx. 7 x 6.1/8 inches)

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