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Great Solar Eclipse of 1858. Antique print.

Great Solar Eclipse of 1858. Antique print.

by The Illustrated London News

Hand-coloured engraving. Moon's Shadow over the Sun.  8 Diagrams show the first and last contact of the moon's shadow on 15th March 1858 (3rd March 'Old Style'), accompanied by descriptive text between the diagrams.

Original engraved page of Figures and accompanying text from The Illustrated London News on March 13, 1858 (with later hand-colour to highlight the diagrams. The Illlustrated London News was the world's first graphic newspaper. It was set up in 1842 by Herbert Ingram (who was succeeded by members of his family). From the time of the introduction of engraved illustrations to the newspaper, it was popular with all levels of society (including the illiterate). Circulation increased enormously, with many thousands of copies printed each edition - in particular when there was news of wars or new discoveries around the world. Engraved illustrations of events and discoveries from around the world were avidly collected, and often clipped out and coloured for further enjoyment.

Page size is 40 x 27 cm (15 3/4 x 10 5/8 inches).

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