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17thC Mathematical diagrams with dancing peasants. Mallet c1684

17thC Mathematical diagrams with dancing peasants. Mallet c1684


by Mallet, Alain Manesson

Mallet's mathematical workings for architectural design of fortifications.

Early copperplate engraving with a country scene of peasants dancing, published in Paris circa 1684 by Denys Thierry for Mallet’s Les Travaux de Mars, ou l’ Art de la Guerre (The Work of Mars, or The Art of War), in which Mallet illustrated  proposed sites, designs and construction of fortifications for major centres in Europe.

Alain Manesson Mallet (1630-1706) was an engineer in the army of Louis XIV and rose to the rank of Sergeant-Major and inspector of fortifications. After leaving the military Mallet taught mathematics and geometry at the court of Louis XIV and wrote several books dealing with engineering and science. He published what was considered the first "modern" book of geography.

Mallet's work included some of the best small architectural engravings of the period. As this work was mainly about fortifications, some show battle structures for troops, regional dress of the local people and their armies, and actual battle action. This wonderful series is quite distinctive, and uncommon subject matter.

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