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Sir Joseph Banks portrait. Robinson engraving. Tallis c1850

Sir Joseph Banks portrait. Robinson engraving. Tallis c1850

by John Tallis & Company

Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. K.B: P.R.S. Ob.1820.

Original fine stippled steel engraving by Henry Robinson (fl.1827-1872), from the original of Sir Thomas Lawrence in the British Museum. Published in London circa 1850 by John Tallis & Company, London & New York, for Edmund Lodge's "Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain".

This important engraving of the great botanist Joseph Banks, is also one of the finest examples of the exquisitely engraved borders that Tallis & Company were renowned for adding to their portraits. Engraving illustrations was expensive. In 1865 Tallis was among the last of the publishers of decorative maps and prints.

Naturalist and botanist Joseph Banks contributed the main funds for the first voyage of James Cook, when he discovered the east coast of Australia. He also appointed all the scientific personnel and official artists for the voyage.

The engraved area measures 18 x 23cm (approximately 7 x 9 inches). 

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