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Captain John Hunter portrait engraved by D.Orme after R.Dighton c1792.

Captain John Hunter portrait engraved by D.Orme after R.Dighton c1792.

by Dighton, Robert

Antique print of Captain John Hunter c1792, published for Historical journal of transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island by John Hunter.

Original oval stipple engraving of Captain John Hunter (1737-1821), engraved by Daniel Orme (1766-1802) from the portrait by Robert Dighton (1752-1821). Published in London by John Stockdale on September 9, 1792.

This is one of the finest images ever done of John Hunter. Born in Scotland, John Hunter attended the University of Edinburgh, but left to join the navy as a Captain's servant in 1754. The following year he enrolled as able seaman on HMS Centaur, became a midshipman and served on a number of ships. After the war, Hunter passed examinations and qualifed for promotion to lieutenant and captain in the merchant navy. In May 1787 he was appointed post captain in command of HMS Sirius with the First Fleet to Australia under the overall command of Commodore Arthur Phillip, who was to found and govern the new settlement and colony of New South Wales. Hunter carried a dormant commission as successor to Phillip if anything should happen to him. John Hunter succeeded Arthur Phillip as the second governor of New South Wales - from 1795 to 1800.

This page measures 287 x 221mm. Image to plate mark measures 264 x 201mm. The plate mark is crooked on the page, and the hand-made paper is very soft and has vertical crease across the right edge of the oval, as well as a couple of small tears at the page edges. It has been priced in consideration of its condition. 


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