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NAPOLEON engraved by W. Hall after F. Gerard. c1833.

NAPOLEON engraved by W. Hall after F. Gerard. c1833.

by Charles Knight

Antique print. Emperor Napoleon published by Charles Knight.

Beautiful stipple engraved portrait of Napoleon by eminent portrait engraver W. Hall, From a Picture by F. Gérard in the pofsession of the Publisher, Charles Knight. Printed by Alfred Alliard, and published c1833 by Charles Knight & Co. Ludgate Street, London. (fine later hand-colour).

Charles Knight was said to be "a multifaceted man of letters in the pre-specialist early nineteenth-century sense of the term: that is, a scholar, an author, a critic and according to Carlyle 'our most important modern person' ". His career as a popular educator and publisher spanned nearly sixty years, from 1812 to 1869.

Page size: 260 x 175mm (10 1/4 x 7 inches), with faint age soiling around extremities of page (to be expected when nearly 200 years old). This small engraving measures 130 x 105mm (5 1/8 x 4 1/8 inches).

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