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Royal Military Tournament: Armour-clad Train Attacking a Fort. c1887

Royal Military Tournament: Armour-clad Train Attacking a Fort. c1887

by The Illustrated London News

Antique print of The Royal Military Tournament in London. Original wood engraving published for The Illustrated London News on June 18, 1887. The annual Royal Military Tournament benefited the fund for sick and disabled soldiers. Competitions included every military feat of skill and strength, but the most interesting entertainment included an armour-plated train and utilized Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers, and Infantry.

"The outposts of a force prepare to cross a river and attack a strongly entrenched position. They bivouac for the night, and under cover of darkness a field-railway is laid up to the banks of the river. At daybreak they are discovered, and the enemy send out infantry and machine-guns to open fire upon the Royal Engineers, who have arrived and commence the erection of a bridge. The attack is reinforced by infantry, and a mule mountain-battery with screw-guns.

A railway whistle is heard, and a train with five-barrelled Gardner guns, operated by the Royal Navy, comes along the line. The defenders are compelled to fall back behind their entrenchments. The Engineers complete the bridge as horses and men fall, killed or wounded. The soldiers of the attack rush over the bridge, followed by the mules and artillery. The stronghold of the enemy is stormed, the British troops scale the walls, and the victory is complete. The Union Jack is seen waving from the ramparts, and the strains of "Rule Britannia" followed by "God Save the Queen" bring this effective military display to a close." 

This half page is a little soiled, but it is antique after all. The engraving measures 6 x 9 inches (15 x 23cm).


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