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Battle of Vittoria, Peninsula War. Tallis engraving c1856

Battle of Vittoria, Peninsula War. Tallis engraving c1856

by John Tallis & Company

Military Battle scene at Vitoria, south of Bilbao in Spain. Finely engraved c1856 in the exquisite style of Tallis and Company.

Original steel engraving by D.J. Pound from the drawing by G.W. Terry, embellished by a finely engraved border of flags and battle accoutrement, in the traditional style of the famous Tallis publishing house. John Tallis joined Ephraim Tipton Brain to form the London Printing & Publishing Company which continued to publish works with this labour-intensive, exquisite detail.

Great military battles were recorded by artists on the field, and transposed to wonderfully graphic action scenes. The colour, although added at a later date, adds to the appeal - and value of these rare engravings.

This image is paler than the actual engraving. Page size is 18 x 27cm (7 x 10.5 inches).

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