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Mail-Packet Company's New Steamship 'Persia' (steam and sail) c1856

Mail-Packet Company's New Steamship 'Persia' (steam and sail) c1856

by The Illustrated London News

Antique print. The Royal British and North American Mail-Packet Company's New Steam-ship "Persia", with text. This is a full page with a superb engraving published on February 9, 1856 for The Illustrated London News, illustrating "This leviathan vessel, the largest steam-ship afloat in the world - far exceeding in length, strength, tonnage, and steam-power the Great Britain or the Himalaya.." "Stupendous as the Persia is, the lines of beauty have been so well worked out in the preparation of her model that her appearance is singularly graceful and light-some." (now there's an interesting word..)

The Ilustratead London News was the first graphic newspaper. From the beginning, illustrated news was popular, selling hundreds of thousands of copies each edition (in particular with news of any wars around the world). Engraved illustrations were the main attraction. They were avidly collected, and coloured for further enjoyment (as with this engraving).

Page size is 40 x 27cm (15.75 x 10.5 inches)

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