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Infectious disease... prevention of cholera in London c1853

Infectious disease... prevention of cholera in London c1853

by The Illustrated London News

Very important front page of 1853 London newspaper. This edition must surely have increased readership a thousand-fold!

The lower part of the front page of The Illustrated London News was an engraving of more than 20 vessels of the Royal Navy Channel Fleet arriving at Queenstown harbour between the headland batteries of Fort Camden and Fort Caroline. The announcement of the fleet's planned arrival eradicated the financial strains of previous poor business in the region, and resulted in celebration among the visitors and residents with much price increasing for services and provisions.

"What London requires for the prevention of cholera." The lead story, occupying the top half of the front page and finishing on the reverse, discussed and warned of the cholera disease that was rampant in the north of England. London requires an abundant and cheap supply of clean water, not only to the rich but to the poorest of the poor, and proposes further suggestions of sanitation improvement. Other Foreign and Colonial News provides a wonderful picture of the period.

The complete page measures 405 x 270mm (16 x 10 5/8 inches). The maritime engraving was later hand-colour which inevitably enhances it. There is minimal soiling but there is a slight reduction of page edge at lower left. 

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