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NZ Reception by a Maori Chief. Potato Growing c1834

NZ Reception by a Maori Chief. Potato Growing c1834

by D'Urville, Dumont

Reception par un Chef de la Nouvelle-Zelande. Defrichement d'un Champ de Potates. (Reception by a Chief of New Zealand, & Clearing a Field for Potatoes.)

Original engraving circa 1835 after a drawing by Dumont D'Urville's official expedition artist, Louis Auguste de Sainson (1801-1887), for Voyages Pittoresque Autour de Monde  (Picturesque Voyages around the World), which was a collective acount of the voyages of previous explorers' discoveries and records, as well as his own, published in Paris c.1834-1835, under the direction of d'Urville.

Jules Sébastien César Dumont d'Urville (1790-1842), was a French naval officer who was commissioned to explore the region around Australia at the beginning of the nineteenth century. D'Urville combined engravings from the drawings by his on board artist, with sketches and engravings from previous voyages (notably those from Captain Cook's third voyage between 1776 and 1780).

This page measures 265 x 175mm (approximately 10.5 x 7 inches) and has fine later hand-colour. Unfortunately a small corner of page is absent at top left. Price reduced

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