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Tonga. Hand-coloured engraving. View of Anamooka. c1784

Tonga. Hand-coloured engraving. View of Anamooka. c1784

by Unknown

This fine View in Anamooka shows the marketplace that was established in a ring in front of the main house in Anamooka, Tonga - named the Friendly Islands because of his reception when James Cook's third Pacific voyage arrived there in May 1777.

Adapted from an engraving after the drawing by the Admiralty-appointed official artist on the voyage, John Webber's landscape only with no figures. This engraving is part of a series of 78 plates, based on Webber's drawings to include Indigenous people, artifacts and views. It was published for Anderson’s “Complete History of Captain Cook's First, Second and Third Voyages” published in London published by Alexander Hogg circa 1784.

Finely hand-coloured.Tiny repaired hole at centre of engraved sky.  

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