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Peru. Various Boats, Barks &c. Middleton antique print c1778

Peru. Various Boats, Barks &c. Middleton antique print c1778

by Middleton, Charles Theodore

Water transport from Rivers and Coast of Peru in South America.

Original copperplate with beautiful decorative border, engraved for Charles Theodore Middleton's Complete System of Geography, - or if you prefer its complete title, A new and complete system of geography: containing a full, accurate, authentic and interesting account and description of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, as consisting of continents, islands, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, promontories, capes, bays, peninsulas, isthmusses, gulphs, &c. ... with their strange ceremonies, customs, amusements, &c. &c. Published in London in 1777-1778 it was a marvellous publication with included some of the earliest circulated images of unusual ethnography, as well as architecture and topography - all presented within intricately engraved, decorative frames.

Page measures 23 x 36cm. (9 x 14 inches). Measurement to plate mark, 19 x 24cm (7.5 x 9.5 inches).


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