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Veduta del Ponte di Nona (Bridge of Nona), c1823

Veduta del Ponte di Nona (Bridge of Nona), c1823

by Rossini, Luigi

Beautiful etching on handmade paper. Fine antique print c1823. Veduta del Ponte di Nona fuori di Porta Maggiore, 9 miglia Roma. (View of the seven-arched Bridge of Nona at Port Maggiore, 9 miles from Rome). 

Original antique print etched on copper by Luigi Rossini (1790-1857) for Antichita Romane (Roman Antiquities - the most interesting views of Ancient Rome drawn and incised by architectural engraver, Luigi Rossini from Ravenna), published between 1819 and 1823, in collaboration with Barolomeo Pinelli (1771-1835) who provided Rossini with appropriate scenes of street life.
Rossini trained in Bologna to be an architect. After graduating he moved to Rome in 1814 was obliged to make his living as a professional architectural artist-engraver. His views of Rome are some of the finest ever done.

Page size 510 x 725mm (20 x 28.5 inches). To plate mark measures 385 x 575mm (15.25 x 22.5 inches)

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