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Pompeii. Mars and Venus with Putti, after Gell.

Pompeii. Mars and Venus with Putti, after Gell.

by Gell, Sir William

Fresco at Pompeii. Mars & Venus antique print.

Original engraving c1832 from Pompeiiana. The Topography, Edifices and Ornaments of Pompeii: the result of excavations since 1819, a wonderful work on the classical antiquities of Pompeii, Italy, as recorded by archaeologist Sir William Gell (1777-1836). Engraved and printed by Fenner, Sears & Co. after the drawing by Sir William Gell. Fenner, Sears & Company flourished as printmakers and publishers in London between 1829 and 1833.

Size of page: 290 x 205mm (11 3/8 x 8 inches). Image size: 210 x 105mm (8 1/4 x 4 1/8 inches) This engraving is very good value as it has been half-framed between 8ply antique-white conservation ragmat with gold line around window, and conservation fome-cor back board.

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