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Humphreys Pyrgus and Nisionades Skipper Butterflies Lithograph c1849.

Humphreys Pyrgus and Nisionades Skipper Butterflies Lithograph c1849.

by Humphreys, H.N.

Antique print of Skipper Butterflies by Humphreys c1849..
Insects: 1. Pyrgus Malvae (Grizzled Skipper), 2.female, 3.underside, 4.caterpillar, 5.prepared for change to chrysalis. 7.White-banded Pyrgus Malvae, 8.underside. 9.Nisoniades Tages )Diongy Skipper), 10.female, 11.underside, 12.caterpillar, 13.chrysalis. 14.Pyrgus Oileus, 15.underside. Plants: 16.dipsacus fullonum (Fuller's Teazle). 17.Eryngium campestre (Field Eryngo).

Original  hand-coloured lithograph highlighted with gum arabic, arranged and illustrated by H.N. Humphreys Esq., with characters and descriptions by J. O. Westwood, Esq. F.L.S. (secretary of the Entomological Society), for British Butterflies and their Transformations published in London c1849.

Humphreys (1810-1879), was a British naturalist, entomologist, illustrator - and numismatist. His presentation of the butterflies with caterpillar and chrysalis, impressed curators at the British Museum, who adopted this method of illustrating the transformation lifecycle of insects. Humphreys lovely engravings surely echo the exquisite medieval manuscripts he studied in Italy when a young man. He wrote: “The study of natural history is the learning of the characters with which the wonderful story of nature is written.. cannot conceive a more pleasing and natural introduction to its general study than entomology, of which I think the division of Lepidoptera.. the most easy and attractive section.  H. N. Humphreys, Esq.”

What a wonderful image of skipper butterflies. Page size is 285 x 210mm (11.25 x 8.25 inches).


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