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Beautiful Berenice Peaches antique print c1917. Half Price

Beautiful Berenice Peaches antique print c1917. Half Price

by Hedrick, U.P.

Finely-printed Peach and half, seeds and leaves c1917.

Original fine colour-printed photolithograph c1917 for The United States Department of Agriculture The Peaches of New York, by Ulysses Hedrick. Spectacular artwork with crisp colour, this beautiful quarto-sized illustration was produced by Zeese-Wilkinson Company, by photographing each fruit with four colour-record negatives from which the final colour plate could be printed.

From 1905 to 1925, the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station published a series of seven monographs on hardy fruits as components of their annual report. The publications began with octavo-sized lithographs for Apples of New York, a report written by Station horticulturist Spencer Ambrose Beach (1860-1922), who continued the research of the first Station horticulturist, Emmet S. Goff (1852-1902). From 1883 to 1900 Beach's research included over 700 species of apples and crabapples! Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick (1870-1951), continued the series over a period of 18 years, with six volumes on grapes, plums, cherries, peaches, pears and small fruits.

This Peaches antique print looks marvellously real, but unfortunately the paper surface is a little rubbed - so price has been halved. Page size is 30  x 23cm (12 x 9 inches).

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