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The Crested Goatsucker antique engraving. John White's Journal c1789

The Crested Goatsucker antique engraving. John White's Journal c1789

by Stone, Sarah

Engraved after Sarah Stone. Now, Owlet-nightjar, Aegotheles crestatus.

Original copperplate engraving from the drawing by Sarah Stone for John White's Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, published in London by Debrett c1789 (later hand-colour).

Surgeon-General to the First Fleet, John White was also an avid amateur naturalist. The daughter of a professional fan painter, Sarah Stone (1760-1844), also known as Sarah Smith, worked as a natural history illustrator in England between 1777 and 1820. She did not visit Australia, but prominent 18th century collectors, including Sir Joseph Banks and Sir Ashton Lever, commissioned her to prepare watercolour drawings of animals and birds, from skins, specimens and artifacts that were sent to England from voyages of exploration to southern lands. Sarah Stone drawings of new discoveries from around the world were often the first to be seen in England. Copperplate engravings were also made from Sarah Stone watercolours to illustrate the Voyages of Captain James Cook. Some of her watercolours are now in the Australian Museum in Sydney and in the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. As “Miss Stone, Honorary Exhibitor” she exhibited four paintings of birds and shells at the Royal Academy in 1781 and 1786.

Published in black and white, this wonderful finely engraved portrait of the Crested Goatsucker has suitable later hand-colour. Not surprising considering its age, there is soiling of the page extremities, as well as lower right - which do not detract from this wonderful illustration.
Page size is 280mm x 215mm (11 inches x 8.1/2 inches). To plate mark measures 230 x 180mm (9 x 7 inches).

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