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Broinowski Biziura Lobata (Eyton), Australian Musk Duck c1890

Broinowski Biziura Lobata (Eyton), Australian Musk Duck c1890

by Broinowski, Gracius

Broinowski Musk Duck antique print. Strangest-looking Australian duck - widely distributed, including Tasmania and Bass's Straits. Distinctive bird with wattle-like formation hanging from under the lowerpart of the bill (mandible). 

Original Boinowski lithograph, printed in colour for Broinowski's The Birds of Australia published in Sydney circa 1890.

Born in Poland, Gracius Broinowski (1837-1913) came to Australia at the age of 20, apparently to avoid conscription. Arriving in Portland, Victoria he worked for a printer and publisher, then spent many years travelling around Australia. From 1880 Broinowski taught painting in Sydney and then lithographed the birds of New Zealand and the mammals and birds of Australia.

Page size 365 x 27mm (approximately 14.1/4 x 10.1/2 inches). This lithograph is in good condition and the accompanying text is available.

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