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John Gould Melirrhophetes Batesii, Bates's Honey-eater lithograph c1880

John Gould Melirrhophetes Batesii, Bates's Honey-eater lithograph c1880


by Gould, John

John Gould Honeyeaters lithograph, Melirrhophetes Batesii Honeyeaters, original hand-coloured lithograph published in London between 1875 and 1888. 'The Bird Man' John Gould (1804-1881) was a brilliant ornithologist who devoted his life to the study of birds, Gould had a fine eye for detail and knew his limitations as an artist, employed the finest lithographers of the day and closely monitored their work. He was also an astute business man and obtained subscribers to each of his grand publications to assist with his finances.

This beautiful John Gould Honey-eaters lithograph is from Gould's final work "Birds of New Guinea and the Adjacent Papuan Islands, including many new species recently discovered in Australia". After Gould's death, publication of this work was completed by Gould's friend Richard Bowdler-Sharpe who was in charge of the bird collection at the British Museum. 

The page size is complete with title below as issued: 535 mm x 370 mm (21 inches x 14.5 inches). We have scanned the image to show better detail of the bird, but the digital image still does not do it justice. If you would like further scan please ask.

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