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Palazzo del Sig Marchese Serlupi. Falda antique architecture c1655.

Palazzo del Sig Marchese Serlupi. Falda antique architecture c1655.

by Falda, Battista

17thC antique print of Giacomo della Porta architecture.

Palazzo del Sig. Marchese Serlupi nel rione di colonna al seminario Rom. non perfettionato e architettura di Giacomo Della Porta. Grand Italian building for Signori Marchese Serlupi by architect, Giacomo Della Porta.

Original copperplate drawn and etched by topographical and architectural draughtsman and engraver, Giovanni Battista Falda (1643-1678), who was born in Valduggia but was sent to Rome to work in the studio of the great sculptor, artist and architect, Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680). Printed and published in Rome c.1655 by architectural engraver, illustrator and printer, Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi (1627-1691). This fine engraving is from a series of classical designs used in actual contruction. Many buildings did not survive and others have had considerable further renovations. Today, many of the grandest buildings have been converted to hotels or apartments.

Page size is 36 x 47cm (14 x 18.5 inches). To intaglio impression around plate measures 23.5 x 36cm (9.25 x 14.17 inches).
(This image was taken by phone. The engraving is of similar paper colour to the previous item, with wide margins around intaglio impression.)

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