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La Maison Royalle de Choisy. Jacques Rigaud engraving c1738.

La Maison Royalle de Choisy. Jacques Rigaud engraving c1738.

by Rigaud, Jacques

Beautiful Royal Chateau at Choisy, near the garden. 

Original fine antique print. Vue de la Maison Royalle de Choisy du Cote du Jardin (View of the Royal Residence of Choisy by the Garden), drawn and engraved c1738 by Jacques Rigaud (1680-1754) for his most important series of engravings, for Recueil choisi des plus belles vues des palais, des chateaux.. (Selected Collection of the most beautiful views of the palaces, castles and royal dwellings of Paris and surroundings), published in Paris between 1729 and 1738 ‘with the Privilege of the King’. In 1720 established himself as a draughtsman and print seller, with a shop on the rue Saint Jacques in Paris.

Jacques Rigaud was described by the English architectural and garden historian John Harris, as “a most exquisite draughtsman”. Rigaud became the favoured artist for engravings of the chateaux and gardens of France. His beautiful engravings of Versailles, Les Maisons Royales de France, begun in 1730, finally totalled 138 exquisite engravings. The series was eventually completed by his nephew, Jean-Baptiste Rigaud (1700-1754), and published in Paris “with the Privilege of the King” circa 1752.

Measurement to platemark is 25 x 49cm, with large surrounding margin, as published.

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