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Wild Cat antique print. Chromolithograph after Kuhnert c1894.

Wild Cat antique print. Chromolithograph after Kuhnert c1894.

by Lydekker, Richard

Wild Cat with hare prey in its jaws.

This fine antique print captures Kuhnert's love of lions. Kuhnert was a fine animal artist. He travelled widely and drew them from life in the wild, which was often difficult as he was not a hunter.

Original colour-printed lithograph after the drawing by important German animal artist Wilhelm Friedrich Kuhnert (1865-1923) for a zoological encyclopedia Illustrirtes Tierleben (Illustrated Life of Animals) by Alfred Edmund Brehm (1829-1884). First published in Leipzig between 1864 and 1869, the work was republished in Austria circa 1896 as Brehm’s Tierleben (Life of Animals). This chromolithograph is from the English edition of the work, The Royal Natural History edited by Richard Lydekker BA, FGS, FZS, Etc. (sic.) Published circa 1894-6 by Frederick Warne and Company of London & New York.

Image size is 135 x 200mm (5.5 x 9.5 inches). Page size is 6.5 x 10.25 inches.

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