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William Dampier. Plants found in Australia and Brazil. c1705

William Dampier. Plants found in Australia and Brazil. c1705

by Dampier, William

Plantes de la Nle. Hollande, Plantes que Dampier trouva au Brazil. (Plants of New Holland (Australia) and Plants that Dampier found in Brazil).

Original copperplate engraving by Louise Duvivier Tardieu after the drawing by William Dampier. Published in Paris circa 1705 for the French edition of Dampier’s Voyages and Travels. During more than twelve years, in just as many ships and various voyages, Dampier circumnavigated the world three times – and became the first to do so

In 1688 William Dampier (1652-1715) was the first Englishman to set foot in Australia. He arrived on the west coast in privateer ship Cygnet which was grounded for repairs at Shark Bay for two months. As he had done in Brazil, and would also do in New Guinea, Dampier sketched flora, fauna and indigenous people. Official voyage artists usually recorded the colour of specimens and journal illustrations were published with contemporary colour, - but Dampier probably didn’t carry a paintbox on the privateer ship, so his botanical engravings remained uncoloured when published. After his return to England these sketches were published in 1697 in Dampier’s book A New Voyage Round the World.

Dampier's stories of his travels were simply written and well-received by the public. He revised and added to his stories, and reissued them to accommodate their popularity. Travel was something that most people could only be read about, and stories of discoveries were popular everywhere. From 1705 Dampier’s “Voyages and Discoveries” were published in France. This elegantly bordered illustration was from a grander publication.

In good condition, to its border this small engraving measures 190 x 280m (7.5 x 11 inches). The page size is 258 x 395mm (10 1/8 x 11 inches), with two vertical folds to accommodate the publication size.

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