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Livistona humilis. New Holland Palm Tree antique print c1860.

Livistona humilis. New Holland Palm Tree antique print c1860.

by Verschaffelt, Ambroise

Australian Sand Palm first described by Robert Brown.

In 1810 botanist, Robert Brown discovered it in the Northern Territory and named it Livistona after Patrick Murray (1634-1671), Baron of Livingston, a botanist and horticulturtist who was largely responsible for establishing the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is an unusual scene with a native cultivating the ground around this fine palm tree with a pick.

Colour-printed lithograph by L. Stroobant for L'Illustration Horticole, journal spécial des serres et des jardins (Horticultural Illustration, special journal of greenhouses and gardens) edited by Charles Lemaire and published in Ghent from 1854 by eminent Belgian horticulturist Ambroise Verschaffelt (1825-1886).

Page 257 x 168mm (10 1/8 x 6 5/8 inches). Lithographed image 207 x 155mm (8 1/8 x 6 1/8 inches).

The image is clean and crisp but there has previously been cellotape attachment at sides and lower corners. Price reduced.

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