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Bankes's Terrestrial Globe, Celestial Globe & Spheres engraving c1787

Bankes's Terrestrial Globe, Celestial Globe & Spheres engraving c1787

by Bankes, Rev. Thomas

Antique Globes and Spheres, engraved for Bankes’s New System of Geography, published by Royal Authority. Terrestrial Globe & Celestial Globe with diagrammatic spheres. Reverend Thomas Bankes, c1878..

Original copperplate-engraving by Grignion for Thomas Bankes’s New System of Geography c1787-8 (with later hand-colour). A New Royal Authentic and Complete System of Universal Geography Antient and Modern was a large and popular work by Thomas Bankes, Edward Warren Blake, and Alexander Cook. Containing a complete guide to geography, astronomy, the use of globes, maps, etc, it was first published in 1775 and was re-issued five times with revisions, from 1775 to 1797. The Royal Licence for publication was issued in January 1787, for the edition published by Charles Cooke. Reverend Bankes was Vicar of Dixton, Monmouthshire, and an avid 18th century collector of maps and engravings.

This is an interesting engraving of spheres and globes. In good clean condition, with fine later hand colour, the page measures 24 x 38cm (9 1/2 x 15 inches). Engraving size: 20 x 30cm (8 x 12 inches).

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