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17thC Diagrams of Mathematics Principles of the sphere.

17thC Diagrams of Mathematics Principles of the sphere.

by De l'Isle, Guillaume

Chart containing Principals of Mathematical for understanding the Sphere c1729. Carte contenant quelques principes de Mathematique pour l'intelligence de la Sphere. (French) Original copperplate engraving with figures of lines, angles and curves representing the mathematic principles for understanding the Sphere.

Published for the pocket 'scientific' atlas Atlas la Science, the maps and charts for this little atlas were based on the work of Guillaume de l'Isle (also spelt Delisle) (1675-1726). Guillaume was the most gifted son of Claude Delisle (1644-1720) was had studied law, and also taught history and geography. Claude had a very good reputation in intellectual circles in Paris and collaborated with well-known cartographer Nicolas Sanson. Guillaume and his two half-brother pursued similar careers in science, but Guillaume excelled in cartography. He worked with his father and studied under astronomer Jean-Dominique Cassini. At the age of 27 Guillaume was admitted into the French Académie Royale des Sciences. In 1718 he received the title of Premier Géographe du Roi. The De l'Isle family were scientific intellectuals and endeavoured to present accurate proven up-to-date information in their work.

This little chart of mathematical diagrams has two vertical folds (for inclusion in the small atlas), and there is offsetting from the printing. It is missing the base of the page at the right. The page size is approximately 185 x 230mm (7 1/4 x 9 inches)



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