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Italy. Roman Provinces. Vindelicia, Rhaetia, Noricum. Keller c1732

Italy. Roman Provinces. Vindelicia, Rhaetia, Noricum. Keller c1732

by Christopher Keller (Cellarius)

Ancient Geography map of northern Italy through to the southern part of Germany, north of the Danube.

Original copperplate-engraved map on hand-made paper, published for the 1732 edition of Geographia Antiqua (Antique Geography) by German scholar Christopher Keller (known as Cellarius) (1632-1707). First published by Cellarius in 1686, this work was reissued many times, until 1812. The 1732 edition (that this map was published for) was larger and more attractively presented. Many of the maps had decorative cartouche title pieces. This cartouche has putti holding the banner with the title, a warrior on horseback about to throw a spear or lance at a maiden holding a scroll repeating the title, a peasant scrambling out of his way, and another maiden holding a towel to mop up the blood or something.

In good condition, with central vertical fold as published, this map would have been printed in black and white. It has fine later hand-tinting with watercolour, that certainly adds to the attractiveness of the map.

Size of the engraved map is 200 x 305mm.

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