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Turkey. Asia Minor striking antique map. Emanuel Bowen c1748

Turkey. Asia Minor striking antique map. Emanuel Bowen c1748

by Bowen, Emanuel

An accurate map of Asia Minor as divided into its provinces before it became possessed by the Turks.
Laid down from the most approved maps, by Emanuel Bowen.

A beautiful antique map of the Black Sea, Asia Minor, and south to the Island of Cyprus. Published in London circa1748. 

An engraver and mapmaker who became royal mapmaker to two Kings (George II of England and Louis XV of France), Emanuel Bowen (c.1693-1767) was one of the most prominent figures in English cartography during the middle of the eighteenth century. He was well regarded for the accuracy and fine detail of his maps, but also gained considerable recognition for the beauty of his maps. Despite his good standing as a cartographer, like many others of his profession, he died in poverty. After his death his son Thomas Bowen continued his work, but suffered a similar fate.. a shame considering their huge contribution to the world, of fine historical maps that are still enjoy hundreds of years later.

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