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Environs of Paris, France by Keith Johnson F.R.S.E. c1861.

Environs of Paris, France by Keith Johnson F.R.S.E. c1861.

by Johnston, Keith

Really interesting antique map of France circa 1861 by Keith Johnston.

Finely detailed with departments and geography of France and inset of Environs of Paris, by Queen’s geographer, Alexander Keith Johnston (1804-1871), F.R.S.E. (Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh), this great map was Engraved and (partly) printed by colour lithography by W. and A.K. Johnston of Edinburgh, for the “Royal Atlas of Modern Geography”, published by William Blackwood & Sons of Edinburgh and London.

In 1848 William Blackwood & Sons published (Alexander) Keith Johnston’s superbly detailed “Physical Atlas”, with wonderful engravings illustrating all aspects of comparative life and geography around the world. A larger edition was published in 1856. In 1850 Johnston’s “Dictionary of Geography” was published, and in 1855 Keith began “The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography”. First published in 1861, the popular “Royal Atlas” was one of the best atlases published in the second half of the 19th century, and was updated and reissued many times.

This map has slight soiling of the edges, as is usual of a map that is this old. It is in good condition, except for the conservation-repaired split at the base of the centre vertical fold. Prices are always adjusted with respect ot the condition of each map. The map to its border measures 12.1/2 x 16.3/4 inches (318 x 430mm). Page size is 14.1/2 x 18.1/4 inches (370 x 465mm). It is too large for our scanner. If you would like further pics, please email us at 

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