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Cook's antique map, North Queensland from Cape Tribulation c1774

Cook's antique map, North Queensland from Cape Tribulation c1774

by Cook, Captain James

Captain Cook chart of North Queensland antique map c1774.

Carte d'une Partie de la Côte de la N'le. Galles Meridle. depuis le Cap Tribulation jusqu'ua Détroit de l'Endeavour Par le Lieut. J. Cook 1770 (Chart of a Part of the Coast of New South Wales from Cape Tribulation to Endeavour Strait By Lieutenant J. Cook 1770.) Explication: Rochers dont quelques uns sont secs a Mer basse et d'autres toujours couverts (Explanation: Rocks some of which are dry at low tide and others always covered)

Original copperplate-engraving of James Cook’s chart of North Queensland by Benard c1774 for the French publication of Cook's voyages, first published in London the previous year.

Lieutenant James Cook was meticulous in his charting of the East Coast of Australia - or the East Coast of New South Wales. In 1770, after sailing west from his discoveries and charting of New Zealand, Cook landed at Botany Bay, claimed the land for Britain, and named it New South Wales. Sailing north he charted the east coast until Endeavour ran aground on Barrier Reef coral. Jettisoning cargo and temporarily patching the hull, Cook’s ship was floated off the reef and carefully sailed north into the Endeavour River for repair, near where Cooktown is today - both named by Cook. Cook also named the region "The Labrynth". As a testament to Cook’s meticulous attention to detail, his charts were used for over 100 years to navigate along the east coast of Australia.

This fine map is printed on thick hand-wove paper. Ther is offset printing from the pressure of vertical folds for a smaller publication. Paper size is 345 x 530mm. To intaglio impression is 320 360mm. There is slight archival-repaired damage at top right. 

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