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West India Islands antique map. Tallis & Co. c1851.

West India Islands antique map. Tallis & Co. c1851.

by John Tallis & Company

Collectable John Tallis antique map of West Indies c1851.

With traditional Tallis embellishment of finely engraved border, cartouche (title piece) and vignettes (local scenes of Kingston, Jamaica from the Commercial Rooms, West Indian natives, and shipping), this decorative map has contemporary pale blue wash along coastline and coloured-pen outlining of countries and islands (as published).

A finely detailed decorative antique map drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin, with illustrations drawn by H. Warren and engraved by J. Rogers for John Tallis & Company, London & New York. Tallis maps have always been appreciated for their finely engraved borders and small 'vignette' views depicting notable features within the region shown.

John Tallis was the driving force behind Tallis and company publications, but John Rapkin was greatly responsible for the company's high reputation for publishing accurate, finely engraved maps. Tallis maps were among the last decorative maps published, as this extra labour-intensive skilled work added considerably to the time and cost of production.

This antique map is slightly soiled along its vertical centre fold that enabled inclusion in a publication half the size of the map. Page size is 270 x 355mm (approximately 10 5/8 x 14 inches)

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