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Terres Australes-Nouvelle HollandeTerres Australes-Nouvelle Hollande
(Australia) Bellin, c1753
Venice, Bridge of SighsVenice, Bridge of Sighs
Samuel Prout lithograph c1850
Fine antique map of SyriaFine antique map of Syria
Tallis antique map circa 1853

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(Please note: Heritage Editions are modern reproductions from antique maps & prints. Heritage Editions are not antique.)

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Up to 400 years old, antique maps and prints have always been used to decorate walls - in grand houses as well as small.
They also look great in modern environments, and improved the ambience of any venue or workplace.
Give a special gift of an antique map or antique print... all styles, periods and sizes (from $30 to $3,000 and up)..
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*   Be charmed by hand-coloured pochoirs of Gazette du Bon Ton fashion narratives or simple Croquis (Sketches) introducing 1913 to 1920s fashions.
*   Something a bit different are the chromolithographs of interesting ancient musical instruments.. or large and spectacular early Greek pottery
*   A group of elegant 19th century lithographs of Sevres or Faience Porcelain look wonderful in a dining room.
*   Delightful lithographs of Peek-a-Boo family and friends, loved by the very young and young at heart.. Small 18thC putti (cherubs at work and play).
*   Small 19thC Henry Moses engravings of classical antiquities are stylish. Tissot ancient coins are elegantly presented. Coats of Arms are exotic!
*   Rare classical design are 17thC engravings of magnified carved gems by Picart.. or Trajan's column 1st century Roman military battles by Bartoli..
*   Even more rare are magnificent 18thC engravings of Raphael Arch and Pilaster frescos from the Vatican loggia to the Pope's private apartments.
*   18thC Piranesi etchings of Urns and Vases are probably the finest etchings of all time - and are rarely found in such fine condition.
*   Early furnishings, architectural details, international wall and ceiling decorative painting, and centuries old frescos unearthed at Ercolano...

Architecture includes -
*   Small 17thC engravings of construction by Mallet and Vignola's Rules of Architecture.
*   Rare 17thC Italian architectural engravings by Falda & 18thC large engravings of the earliest classical English architecture by Inigo Jones.
*   19thC English and French architecture: elevations and floorplans, grand French chateax and Parisian Private Hotels.
*   Grand Gothic interiors and formal English estates show early garden landscaping.
*   19thC engravings of Australian Georgian architecture and streets, and early Australian colonial town and country views remind us of our past.
*   Fine 19thC engravings of English coastal scenes, of China or the Pacific Islands, remind us of places visited, or where family & friends are from.
*   Military engravings record past battles that often resulted in changes in maps.
*   MAPS from all centuries are fascinating, with voyagers travels, changing coastlines, changing borders and even countries.. continuing today.

Nature studies cover a huge range of styles, including Australian native flora engravings and lithographs from 17th to 20th Century.
*   Herbal woodcuts by John Gerarde in 16thC, Herbal engravings over the following centuries by Culpeper and Green.
*   18thC Florilegia by Weinmann, Ehret, John Hill, Henry Andrews, William Curtis, and many others...- right up to beautiful 19th century lithographs.
*   Volckamer's spectacular 18thC large citrus fruit floating with ribbons above European estates are rarely seen with such fine colour and condition!
*   19thC flowers, leaves, country collages, fruit, mushrooms, vegetables, nuts... all very different styles, and wonderful in groups... that are discounted..
*   19thC grapes, peaches & plums are beautiful, and smaller early 20thC fruit with halves are simple yet striking - once again, particularly as a group.
*    Fabulous large Orchid lithographs after Henry Moon's watercolours are among the most beautiful that have every been printed.

Birds, Animals, Insects, Marine Life... individual or in groups. All styles and centuries, from small engravings to large lithographs..
*   John Gould hand-coloured bird lithographs are unsurpassed.. as are 18thC engravings of Bloch fish and Gualtieri Shells.
*   George Edwards animals and birds are guaranteed to bring a response! I look up to three wonderful Edwards parrots every morning.
*   Brodtmann animals and small portrait engravings of animals and birds by Lizars, Buffon, Lacepede and Shaw are some of the finest.

Readily available, inexpensive modern reproductions in our Heritage Editions section include flowers & birds, architecture & views.
Heritage Editions maps include Limited Edition maps of the early charting of Australia. Hand-coloured maps will no longer be available once current stock is sold.
Imported reproduction prints and maps are shown as Decorator Art within the Heritage Editions section.

While you can't hang them on your wall, like maps and prints, books will give many hours of pleasure.
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