Currency Exchange
Terres Australes-Nouvelle HollandeTerres Australes-Nouvelle Hollande
(Australia) Bellin, c1753
Venice, Bridge of SighsVenice, Bridge of Sighs
Samuel Prout lithograph c1850
Fine antique map of SyriaFine antique map of Syria
Tallis antique map circa 1853

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Someone commented that I had not sent emails lately. Actually, the message was that I had “not sent an email for a long time”... There I was thinking that people who don’t respond to emails are not interested... or that they wish I’d not send them but are too polite to say. I receive around 400 emails each month. When I feel rushed, I ‘flag’ them and read them when I feel better. I hope you do too.

As I’m sure many know, life changes after losing your partner. I find myself periodically totally lacking self-motivation.
This is probably the main reason for fewer emails... and website Blogs - and that I haven't mastered social media yet.

I submitted 100 items for antique map and antique print sections of the Carter Sisters’ Antiques & Collectables Handbook and Price Guide, and there are many other items from our website for Collecting on a Shoestring.
Both books are available from Brisbane Antique Emporium, or from Antique Print Club website – Books.

I also do quarterly articles for Antiques & Collectables magazine (available the beginning of each quarter from newsagents in Australia). The current edition has an article about beautiful large, 19th century Orchid lithographs. Orchids are flamboyant and exquisite, with enduring elegance well-represented in fine antique prints at antiqueprintclub/antiqueprints/Botany-flowers.

Next quarter Antiques & Collectables will feature John Tallis and Company, publishers of fine maps as well as prints. Antique maps are always in demand... as are early natural history prints. Rare hand-coloured 18th century engravings of Shells - Conchology from the museum of Niccolo Gualtieri are among the finest. View them at Shells and other Crustaceans (Blog: Gualtieri Conchology)

Derek and I started in the antique print and map business nearly 40 years ago. Interestingly, trends in sales of antique print and map subjects used to be triggered from Europe, but are now mostly prompted from North America where designers' budgets are perhaps larger, - and of course from artwork chosen for the walls of elegant décor of avidly watched TV shows! 

A personal favourite has always been the charming French fashion pochoirs from 1913 to 1925 - that often have an additional humorous element. From their inception they have retained the French description of 'pochoir' (for stencil) in recognition of the finesse in their creation by specialist French fashion artists who cut up-to-30 separate stencils for each, to apply successive layers of watercolour by hand to produce the shaping and subtle detail of fabrics, for Gazette du Bon Ton (Journal of Good Style), to show how new fashions should be worn. I have added more of these to the website. Make sure you take time to have a peak!

As with most things, prices of antique maps and prints vary with rarity, quality, condition and demand. Paper is easily damaged by careless handling, and antique maps and prints are no exception. Prevent damage to your artwork and preserve their beauty by framing with conservation matt-board, and conservation glass to protect them from fading - or by storing in conservation materials.

If I can assist, please let me know: Email  or  Phone +61 (0)412 442 283