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We have been antique map & print dealers for over 30 years. We GUARANTEE all Antique Print Club items are as stated.

Antique Print & Map Company: rare, original Antique Maps & Antique Prints
Buy securely online 24/7..  or from our antique art-spaces: 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm -
North-side, from Brisbane Antique Emporium in Clayfield at 794 Sandgate Road (parking off Junction Road)
South-side, from Brisbane Antique Centre in Loganholme at Pacific Highway Exit 30 (Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road)
Heritage Editions: Reproductions & Limited Edition classic-style maps & prints
Buy securely online 24/7..  or from our antique art-space 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm:
South-side, from Brisbane Antique Centre: beginning of Beenleigh-Redland Bay Rd, at M1 Exit 30, Loganholme 

As well as our large collection of Australian botanical lithographs and engravings (some on the carousel above)..
NEW ACQUISITIONS include finely detailed miniature engraved bird portraits: Lizars Humming-birds & Game Birds.

Early 18th century maps of Australia, Asia, and America, with strange animals were by Jesuit, Heinrich Scherer.
Asia maps show the Chinese Empire and the Spice Islands and Indonesia.
English county maps include early road maps of England with interesting geographical notations.
Wine and cheese-making feature in some of the most beautifully engraved maps of French Departments by Victor Levasseur.
John Tallis maps of Australia are the most decorative series of antique maps of the Australian states.
Important antique maps show Captain Cook’s discovery of the east coast of Australia and Cook's voyages around the world.
Every part of the world, both celestial and geographical, is represented at different times in previous centuries, in different cartographic styles.

Thomas Allom's 'China & the Chinese' engravings include fascinating customs, culture, and countryside at the end of the first Opium Wars. 
Bartlett fine steel engravings of British coastal scenes contrast strongly with the copperplate engravings of Grose's antiquities of Britain.
Naval and military battles, whether finely detailed with Tallis-style embellishment, or small French Annals are exquisitely engraved. 
Classical architectural engravings record Barozzi's Orders of Architecture, Italian architecture by Falda and English architecture by Inigo Jones. 
Grand decor for any room are the superbly coloured 18th century engravings of Raphael frescoes on pilasters and arches at the Vatican.
English beauties, Kings and Queens and other famous people can form your own elegant portrait gallery from previous generations. 
Finely coloured pochoirs (stencils) that introduced 1920s fashion provide timeless enjoyment - particularly with accompanying social comment. 
A group of beautiful coloured lithographs of Sevres and Faience porcelain look elegant in any lounge, dining room or kitchen. 
Humorous Vanity Fair caricatures and antique lithographs illustrating children's stories - particularly animal personification - appeal to all.
Lithographs of Hipkins' ancient musical instruments and engravings of historical topography or sporting scenes look good in any room.

Antique prints of flora and fauna bring nature inside all year round and give life to any interior environment:
Superb hand-coloured lithographs of John Gould birds, and large orchid lithographs can provide a focal point.
A group of colourful botanical engravings can brighten any corner - particularly when from the same series.
While a good choice for a bathroom, grand or small engravings of shells, fish or other marine life look equally good in other rooms.
Imagination is your only limitation in choosing artwork. If you need any assistance in your search or selection just email
Antique prints and maps can cost $25 or more than $2,500. Heritage Editions prints and maps are a decorative alternative if you have limited funds