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Terres Australes-Nouvelle HollandeTerres Australes-Nouvelle Hollande
(Australia) Bellin, c1753
Venice, Bridge of SighsVenice, Bridge of Sighs
Samuel Prout lithograph c1850
Fine antique map of SyriaFine antique map of Syria
Tallis antique map circa 1853

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Derek & Kathryn Nicholls guarantee that all items from this website are as stated. 
Items under Antique Maps & Antique Prints are originals.  (Items under Heritage Editions are reproductions not originals.)

Thousands of Antique Print Club original antique prints and maps are available from Brisbane Antique Emporium
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Up to 400 years old, antique maps and prints have always been used to decorate walls in grand homes and small.
They look great in modern environments, and improve the ambience of workplaces and hotels.

The latest addition to our website is a section of inexpensive Antique Prints of India and surrounding countries. 
Antique prints and maps make wonderful gifts. Here are some great ideas..

*   Charming elegant French fashion illustrations c1913-1925 from Gazette du Bon Ton & Costumes Parisiens.

*  Elves & Animals, Sporting Animals, Small 18th century 'cherub' classical engravings of Putti at work and play.

*   19thC lithographs of fine Sevres Porcelain and Faience, large Greek pottery, Hipkins' ancient musical instruments, 

Classical Design provides a choice of periods, styles and sizes:
*   Dramatic 17thC engravings: Medallions of magnified carved gems by Picart, & 1st century Roman military battles by Bartoli.
*   18thC engravings: Stunning Raphael frescos of Arches & Pilasters, superb Piranesi etchings, unusual Herculaneum frescos.
*   Early 19thC small Henry Moses classical antiquities, Tissot ancient coins, coats of arms, & archaelogical ruins.
*   Wendell Dietterlin furnishing designs, decorative architectural embellishments, & Remon wall painting from different eras.

Architectural engravings and lithographs highlight different architectural styles around the world:
*   17thC Battista Falda Italian architectural engravings
, rare 18thC engravings of Inigo Jones architectural designs.
*   French chteaux in Etchings, engravings, lithographs & watercolours. Small 18thC Barozzi Vignola's Rules of Architecture.
*   19thC English architectural elevations and floorplans - both grand and practical designs.

*   Garden landscaping varies considerably, from amazing French Gothic, to formal English estates & French chateau gardens & the transition from poverty to wealth in Australia, on the colonial country 'station' named Bontharambo..

Rare Australian native flower engravings and lithographs from Dampier's earliest discovery on - hundreds to choose from.
*   16thC, 17thC, 18thC Herbal & Florilegia by John Gerarde, Johann Weinmann, Dionysius Ehret, Henry Andrews & John Hill.
*   19thC flowers, leaves, country collages, fruit, mushrooms, nuts.. Engravings & lithographs from $25 to $500.
*   18thC Volckamer large citrus fruit floating with ribbons above European estates.
*   19thC grapes, peaches & plums. 20thC small but spsectacular fruit with half fruit.

Birds, Animals, Marine Life (including shells): individual portraits or groups, small finely engraved or large lithographs -
Large: Beautiful John Gould hand-coloured bird lithographs, Engravings of seashells by Niccolo Gualtieri, fish by Bloch.
Medium: Finely detailed Brodtmann animal studies, groups of animals & insects for Rees encyclopaedia,
Small: Lizars engravings of fish, birds & animals for Jardine, dramatic little animal portraits by Nodder for George Shaw.

*   Antique maps remind us of special holidays, the country where family & friends came from, or simply, our early history.
Some early maps look strange - perhaps with different names, coastlines, and country and state borders as they have were. Early views of Australia, China, New Zealand, finely engraved English coastal views, Shipping, Marine, & Military scenes...

*   Many antique maps and prints are under $50 (some even less). If you wish to be even more economical and don't mind a modern reprint, our Heritage Editions section may have just what you want.
Reproductions of botanical & bird prints include Australian native flowers, John Gould birds, & John Gould's Koala.
Heritage Editions reproduction maps, & Heritage Editions limited edition maps of Australia's discovery milestones.

*   Antiquarian Books are being added to our website Book selection. If you can arrange pick-up, books cost much less.
    While you can't hang them on your wall, like the maps and prints, books will give many hours of pleasure.

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