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Volckamer Fruit. Limea da Valenza. Lime & half.

Volckamer Fruit. Limea da Valenza. Lime & half.

by Volckamer, Johann Christoph

Valencian Lime with Half. Citrus fruit print by Volckamer. One of a set of four brightly-coloured prints of fruit with ribbons.

Reproduction from a hand-coloured copperplate engraving of citrus fruit with ribbon, floating above a regional landscape for Nurnbergische Hesperides, published in Nuremberg between 1708 and 1714 by Johann Christoph Volckamer (1644-1720). An unusual and spectacular image illustrating the citrus fruit floating above a European estate in the region where it was cultivated.

Approximate size of this print is 32 x 20cm (12.5 x 8 inches)

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