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Piranesi Urn with Griffins on plinth. Classical Vase.

Piranesi Urn with Griffins on plinth. Classical Vase.

by Piranesi, Giovanni Battista/Francesco

With griffins on plinth, Vasi antico di Marmo, con urna cineraria... (Antique Vase in Marble, with Cinerary Urn Support by Giovanni Battista Piranesi)

Reproduction Print of a rare copperplate etching by Piranesi, the first great artist of Romanticism, for “Vasi Candelabri Cippiy Sarcofagi Tripodi Lucerne ed Ornamenti Antichi” originally published in Rome between 1773 and 1778.

Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s dedication to and pursuit of Roman archaeology was acknowledged by his election as Honorary Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in London in 1757. His love of classical antiquity was reflected in his imaginative restoration when he found, restored and sold them, and his incorporation of elements from them into creations for his patrons and collectors. In 1766 Piranesi was awarded the Order of the Spur by Pope Clement XIII, and from then on he usually signed his work Cavalier Piranesi.

Size: 47 x 34cm (18.1/2 X 13.1/2 inches).

If you prefer original antique prints, we have very rare copperplate etchings in our Antique Prints: Classical section. Piranesi was the finest etcher of his time. The three dimensional impression and definition of his etchings is exceptional!

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