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May "Mai" 18th century classical calendar panel print.

by Unknown

Classical Wall Panel. MAY under Protection of Apollo.

Apollo is in many respects the paradigm of a Greek god. He represents order, harmony, and civilization in a way that most other Olympian deities cannot quite equal. The Roman god of the Sun, music, poetry, prophecy, truth and healing, Apollo is most often associated with the cultivated arts of music and medicine, and his role as the leader of the Muses establishes him as a patron of intellectual pursuits. Apollo was the son of the Olympian Zeus and the Titan Leto, and the brother of the goddess Artemis.

Reproduction printed from a beautiful eighteenth century copperplate engraving. One of a series of twelve exquisitely detailed panels representing the months of the year "under the protection" of the ancient mythical gods who it was thought watched over those who were born in that month.

Size: 650 x 200mm (25.5 x 8 inches).

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