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June "Juin" print of 18th century classical calendar panel.

by Unknown

Classical Wall Panel representing JUNE and Protector, Mercury.

In Greek mythology the messenger god was the swiftest god, the winged god Hermes, called Mercury by the Romans. The fastest planet, Mercury, was named after him. Hermes was the son of Zeus (the supreme god) and Maia (the goddess of the clouds). Mercury usually is shown with his favourite pets, the cock or rooster, and the ram.

A precocious youth, Hermes stole a herd of cows from Apollo. From the cows' internal guts and fibres, young Hermes made the lyre, a hand-held harp, upon which Apollo made the most beautiful music in the universe. As a result, Hermes was forgiven his transgression by Apollo, but became the patron of tricksters and thieves. For himself, Hermes made the shepherd-pipe, similar to the pipe used by his future son, Pan. From a liaison with the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, Hermes had a daughter, Peitho, who was the personification of persuasion and seduction. They had at least two more daughters, Tyche and Eunomia, as well as a son, Hermaphroditus, who had a strong relationship with both his masculine and feminine sides - hence hermaphrodite.

Reproduction printed from a beautiful eighteenth century copperplate engraving, one of a series of twelve exquisitely detailed panels representing the months of the year "under the protection" of the ancient mythical gods who were believed to watch over those born in that month.

Size: 650 x 200mm (25.5 x 8 inches).

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