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February "Fevrier" classical calendar panel print from 18th century.

by Unknown

Classical Panel FEBRUARY under the Protection of Neptune.

The Roman god Neptune is known in Greek mythology as Poseidon, god of the sea. Also god of earthquakes and horses, Neptune was the older brother of Zeus. Sailors prayed to Poseidon for a safe voyage; when in a good mood, Poseidon created new islands and calm seas.When in a bad mood, he struck the ground with his trident and caused chaotic springs, earthquakes, drownings and shipwrecks.

Poseidon's chariot was pulled by a hippocampus or horses. He was represented with dolphins and tridents (three-pronged fish spears). He lived on the ocean floor in a palace of coral and gems. The Romans worshipped Neptune primarily as a horse god (Patron of Horse-Racing).

Reproduction printed from a finely detailed and engraved copperplate. The twelve panels depict mythical gods who were considered to be the protectors of each month. Originally published in Paris circa 1750.

Size: 650 x 200mm (25.5 x 8 inches).

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