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Gualtieri Conchology T21 print of Shells

Gualtieri Conchology T21 print of Shells

by Gualtieri, Niccolo

Gualtieri Conchology T21 Shells print. Shells print of elegantly grouped shells, sponges, coral etc. from the Museum of  Niccolo Gualtieri.

Reproduction print from a series of hand-coloured copperplate engravings by Pietro Antonio Pazzi (1706-66), Teresa Mogalli, and Bernardo Sansone Sgrilli, after the drawings by painter, draughtsman and engraver Giuseppe Menabuoni (1708-?) and painter and engraver Giovanni Domenico Campiglia (1692-1768) for a treatise on Shells, Index Testarum Conchyliorum, published in Florence circa 1742 by Niccolo Gualtieri (1688-1744).

Print size: 45 x 30cm (17.75 x 11.75 inches)

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